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Mike Williams

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I'll Show You How I've Built & Launched

Thinkbox, a bootstrap startup studio that builds, works with, and invests in startups (15+ that have raised over $110M). 

Studiotime in an evening and scaled it to the world's largest online community of music studios. It's bootstrap and a highly profitable Thinkbox company!

Yoroomie App (yes, I named it after myself 😝) in 30 days and it was acquired in less then 6 months. It was our first product acquisition at Thinkbox!

What People Are Saying

"Mike's always a huge resource to early-stage startups in our portfolio. He's very tactical and adds tremendous value to startup founders."

Milan Koch, 

Managing Director at Angelhack, Venture Partner at Base VC

My Angel Investments via Thinkbox

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