These are my favorite tools I use, guides, and resources to go from idea, to validation, then scale. I've also built Facebook Groups, or communities around these topics (see below). You can also get all of this through my chatbot. Yes, I have my own chatbot! 🤖


Sharetribe - Allows me to create a quick MVP of any marketplace (Airbnb, Etsy, etc) within minutes. I originally built the first version of Studiotime with Sharetribe. 

Instapage - Create a landing page, website, or lead generation page in minutes. This is what I've used to build the Thinkbox site, Yobuddy App landing page, Art Chatbot landing page, and even the site you're on now. 

Zapier - Easily integrate and automate your workflows, tasks, and tool stack that you use for to build your MVP or even automate operations. I use this to automate Studiotime and it allows me to spend about an hour a week on it. 


Sumo - If you're looking for the tools to build an audience, engage, and increase increase shares, then Sumo is the tool to use. I use it on this site, Studiotime, and other landing pages that I'm looking to optimize growth and engagement with. 


For more on how to build, launch, validate, and scale a startup check out my writing on it here. 

If you're looking to connect with others and join the conversation, check out these groups below:

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