Yo! I'm Mike, or you might know me as Yoroomie (long story, I'll share it later). 

I'm the Founder of Thinkbox, a startup venture studio. We build our own startups, work with some of today's top companies, and make early stage investments ($110M+ raised by portfolio). 

I also founded and am the CEO of Studiotime, which is the largest online community of music studios. It's one of the fist companies we launched at Thinkbox and a highly profitable company today. I share the story of launch to 1M page views and $10k in revenue within weeks here.  

I also built and launched Yoroomie App, which we scaled and was acquired within six months. This was our first acquisition for a Thinkbox product. I've written all about how we built the app within 30 days, growth hacks we used to scale it, and then what we learned from selling it here

Prior to this, I was the founder and CEO of Codeity, a hiring platform that was scaled to 500+ companies using it to hire technical talent. It was acquired in 2015 by Angelhack and the article on that is here.

I'm passionate about early(est) stages of product and growth, so I share everything I've learned along the way and am working on (here). Sometimes I also take it a bit more serious and contribute to publications like Huffington Post, Influencive, and others. 


Quick (Random) Facts


I have my commercial pilot's license 


I used to be a professional cyclist (yes, I got paid to pedal my bike). 

My two favorite drinks are espresso and Rose 


More About Me



I write about how I build and launch products so fast here 


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